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You’ve Got WiFi; Now What?

Most of us have “the Internet”. WiFi abounds. WiFi connected devices are common place. Smart phones, Tablets, notebooks desk top computers, gaming systems, streaming boxes and more. It’s all to make us more informed, entertained and provide convenience. We have the option to enjoy even greater convenience, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Ah yes, the IoT – almost any electronic device has internet connectivity capability. So, what to do, what to do? Shall I connect it all; do I need it all on the “net”? Will connecting make things better or more painful? How far do you go?

Connecting the basics (computing devices, gaming systems and streaming devices) is a given. But what else shall one connect and to what end? It comes down to needs, preferences and what satisfies your convenience fulfilment.

Let’s go over some of the options and in particular Smart Home, Audio and TV related. Do you want to control your home from near and far? Temperature, Security, Access, Surveillance Lighting are some of the basics. Once you have decided on what areas you want to start with, you can simply install device after device and control and/or monitor it through the associated apps. Eventually this will get cumbersome as you’ll have X number of IoT devices with a proportionate number of apps on your phone. Alternatively, why not make it easier on yourself and look to employ an integrated solution? Consider having a central command with the flexibility to control all that you need and grow as you need.

Deciding on what your central command is, will be a matter of what devices you already have and plan to have and how you want to control IoT devices. One can have a security system which is also capable of video monitoring, temperature control, disparate device control and can act as the hub you go to for monitoring and control. In turn smart phone and / or tablet apps can be used to monitor and control. You can also make use of Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Google Home or Apple’s HomeKit / HomePod to run your hub. Voice command, touch command, remote control, automated sequences all can be achieved with these devices. It takes an understanding of compatibility and capabilities which will guide you through your decision process.

I’ll paint a high-level view of one of many desirable setups. Let’s choose Apple and Honeywell. Apple’s HomeKit can integrate with Honeywell’s Lyric. Use the HomeKit app as the focal point to run Lyric’s Security, temperature and lighting control. Add a HomePod for even greater convenience. Use Apple TV or other AirPlay 2 compatible audio devices and voila a complete controlled, convenient and effective environment is at your beck and call. Tell HomePod “hey Siri”, turn on the lights, unlock the front door, run a “good night” sequence of events, play music, control the movie you’re watching with Apple TV and any number of different things.

It’s all there for the “telling”.

Interesting? You bet. Complex, yet simple? Well for some. Let us help you navigate through the technology and design a solution just for you.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, give us a call.


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