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20 years in business has allowed us to keep up with the ever changing world of technology. Streaming video, Netflix, Shomi, Roku, High speed internet, on-demand movies, and hundreds of channels of content. Most recently, dynamic in-home media content to every TV is creating a lot of extra wire retrofits. 


Getting wires to where you want them after walls are already finished can be very costly and in some instances be nearly impossible. The best plan is to prepare during the building process. Let us help you plan for the future and stay ahead of the curve.


To receive a free, no obligation quote for your new home wiring click here.



Install a home security system today and help protect all the possessions and the people that matter to you most! While saving with discounts on Home Insurance. Medical alert devices are more popular than ever before.


Install a personal CCTV surveillance system, be notified with video clips when there is any unusual activity happening inside or outside your home. Keep a watchful eye on your children, eldlerly parents, grandparents, pets, etc.


For more information or to book your home security/CCTV install click here.

Have you recently bought a new TV and need it mounted on the wall?
Ready to upgrade to a home theatre or whole home audio system?
Tired of needing 6 remotes just to watch TV? Do you want the simplicity of pressing just one button that works everything? 
Let us help you design a quality home theater experience that matches your budget. We can educate you about the equipment you really need. 
For more information or to book your home theatre install click here.




The “Experience” begins with world class audio, video and home theater components, including many that you won't find anywhere else. Audition these components in an elegant atmosphere, designed to make you feel right at home. We will guide you through an exciting, new world of home entertainment. Our audio, video and home theater design expert will work with your architect or interior designer. We'll integrate the latest technologies that complement your lifestyle, without sacrificing your decor. We are dealers for most of the well-known component suppliers for home and commercial electronic solutions.

For more information or to book your home audio install click here.
Central Vac Outlet


Easily achieved during construction or renovations, different techniques allow for the installation of a CycloVac central vac system in all types of homes or buildings.

Here's how it works: a piping system is installed within the walls and floors of your home, to which are connected discrete vacuum inlets. This piping system is connected to your central vacuum unit and low voltage wiring runs along the piping system connecting every inlet to the power unit and allowing the easy start-up of the vacuum by simply inserting the hose end into a chosen inlet.


For more information or to book your central vac installation click here.



Keep up with advancing technology ...upgrade to Cat6 Cable TODAY!!

Increase productivity, double your bandwidth, compatible with existing Cat5 cable, future proof your business by being prepared. Don’t lag behind as the Internet continues to change we need to keep up.


With over 20 years of experience in this evolving world of technology trust us to ensure that your company can keep up by upgrading your cable infrastructure. We will work after hours and weekends to ensure there is no disruption to your daily operation. LEARN MORE

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